11 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Irvine Group at john greene Realtor®?

  1. Skills: 10 years of sales, marketing and negotiating experience prior to real estate. This is why our listings sell 2% over the market average and our buyer’s out-negotiate the competition. We have the skills to make sure that you do not over pay on your purchase or leave money on the table on your sale.  
  2. Experience: We have successfully navigated more than 250 real estate transactions in the last 3 years. We have seen it all! Knowing how to manage the challenges that can come up in a real estate transaction is one of the most valuable tools we can offer you and will save you a ton of time, money and heartache.  
  3. Training: We have not only been well-trained; we have been trained and coached by some of the best in the industry and continue to do so on a regular basis.   
  4. Market Awareness: We are keenly aware that your real estate purchase is not only a financial decision, it is a lifestyle decision. Knowing what’s going on in the market as a whole as well as what is going on hyper locally where you are purchasing is absolutely crucial for you to make the best financial and lifestyle decisions. We study market trends in a consistent basis, as well as for each transaction. 
  5. Understand Your Needs: Getting a clear understanding of why you are moving and all that you are looking to accomplish is the only way to get you there. Have you ever been on a road trip without a map or navigation system? Even better, have you ever left without a destination in mind? How would you even know what direction you would start in, let alone where you would land if you didn’t have a plan. We will help you define the purpose of your journey, so we can pick the perfect destination and arrive on time. This ensures that we do not miss out on anything, make a bad purchase, pay too much or leave money on the table.  
  6. Educate: We will provide you a full color road map of the process of buying and/or selling, so you will know what to expect, and when to expect it. We have transaction and post transaction vendor recommendations that we trust lined up to help make your transaction… and home ownership…  as easy as possible.  
  7. Guide: Once we have a great understanding of your goals and purpose and we have educated you on the process of the transaction, we will hold your hand each step of the way, checking in with you to make sure that the goals are the same and we stay the course to land you the best results.  
  8. Communicate: Keeping you informed on what is happening in your transaction(s) is our top priority. You will hear from us at least weekly after your listing goes live or home goes under contract, even if it’s just to let you know that there is nothing new to update.  
  9. Close: Did you know that only 85% of homes that go under contract actually close? What happens to the other 15%? There is a lot of reasons that transactions don’t make it to the finish line. Some of it could have been avoided prior to going under contract. Some of the time it is lack of clarity by the buyer. Some of the time it’s financing. We make it our mission to think ahead each step of the way to make sure that we do everything in our power to keep this from happening to you.  
  10. #client4life: This doesn’t just mean fun client appreciation events and cute little gifts from time to time. This means when you have a problem after closing you need a trusted vendor, or you’re still receiving mail from the seller we are there to answer your questions and find solutions.  
  11. Passionate: We don’t just care, we are truly passionate about you getting on to your next step at the perfect time and as easily as possible. Our seller’s will not leave money on the table. Our buyers will not pay more than necessary. You will not miss out on the perfect home.  

See what our #clients4life are saying! 

Check our our website: https://www.theirvinegroupjgr.com/

One response to “11 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Irvine Group at john greene Realtor®?”

  1. Irvine group is awesome. Detail, patience and the deligence was above others


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