Why john greene Realtor?

One of the Realtors® that I had spoken to when making my decision to take the leap was starting his Team. He is an incredible human being and is with a great brokerage. I had made the decision to join his Team, thinking that joining a Team is what everyone does.

I took the interactive part of my pre-license classes at jgR and quickly fell in love. I felt loyal to the guy whose team I was supposed to join, so I was going to honor that decision, but I started asking questions. 

I was excited to learn from him, but I knew that I would eventually want to have my own team. I wondered if it was fair to him for me to do that, so I spoke with him about my plans for my own business and we both decided that maybe a Team wasn’t the right fit for me. He was still a great mentor and parts of my current business and success are a result of the things I learned from him.

I picked jgR as a new agent because it felt right. Everyone talked a big game about how they were going to be the best option, but something just felt different here. Over the past few years, they have done nothing but prove me right.

I have made some of my best friends since starting here, some of them because they are my clients and some are my colleagues. I have learned so much about people, especially myself as a result.

I was recently asked by someone on the leadership team, one of the many here that I consider a friend, why I love this place so much. I thought long and hard. I could give a million reasons, easily, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing: I like who I have become as a result of the culture I am a part of. I am so incredibly proud to be one of “them”.

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