Deciding To Sell Real Estate

I was 15 years when I first realized that Real Estate was the perfect career for me. I had a crush on a guy that was selling Real Estate with his Dad. They looked like they were having so much fun and I had always been a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. 

I let my family talk me out of it. You see, while I was incredibly ambitious, I also came from tough circumstances and was on my own, working 3 jobs to support myself the day I turned 18 even though I didn’t graduate high school until 7 months later. I chose to take the safe route and went to college for accounting and waited tables through college. 

One day, on the way to work, I got into a car wreck that changed my life. The effects of this wreck caused my life to completely spin out of control and for a long time this seemed like a bad thing, but the truth is, my life needed to spin out of control to change the path I was on. 

Due to the wreck, I could not function as a student anymore and I was uncapable of waiting tables. I was afraid and no idea what I would do. I hopped online and started searching for jobs, all the while knowing that I would struggle with any job I tried to do, if not because of my physical ailments, then because of the multitude of Doctor appointments I had. 

I ended up taking an outside sales position with a credit card processing company. I had no idea what I was doing and hated the rejection, but I was determined to be successful and this was my only option. Within 3 months I was in the number 2 spot in the entire company. At the end of the third month they offered me a position to lead a sales team, which meant moving to Dallas. This was the beginning of my career as a Sales Manager. I enjoyed this job and over the course of 10 years led several top performing teams in that time. 

I will never forget the moment that I finally decided to take the leap into real estate. I was sitting on the phone with my aunt and we were talking through my goals. I had just gotten divorced a little over a year prior. I said the words out loud “You know what I have really always wanted to do?…. Sell real estate!” That was the moment my life changed. 

I got off the phone with her and reached out to a couple of Realtors® I knew to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. Then I ordered by books. I zoomed through pre-license and passed the test in about 6 weeks. 

I got lucky and landed at a brokerage that was the perfect fit for me on the first try. I couldn’t be more grateful for or proud of what I have accomplished the last few years, but one thing is for sure… I did not do it alone!

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